The more people who know about your lost bird, the greater is your chance of someone spotting him and telling you. Make copies of a short note with a picture of your bird and details of when it was lost and post this to as many people as you can in your neighbourhood. Include all your contact details. When someone sees a strange bird,  perhaps in their garden, they often contact the police, local radio station, local vets or the RSPCA. So make sure  you contact these organisations with details of your bird.

Stay calm and request a 'Step up'

When you find your bird, he is likely to be high up in a tree and will be nervous of flying down to you. The bird's  instincts tell it to stay high up where it will feel safer. However, a bird will often actually try to walk down if you can devise a way of approaching him that offers him a route to you that doesn't require him to fly. Usually this means you'll have to use a ladder and make some attempt to go up towards your bird. Even being just a metre or so off the ground can be a great help in persuading the bird to come towards you for a food treat. At this point it is best to offer the bird a small titbit and just stay with him as he eats this to keep him calm. Depending on how the bird is used to being handled, you will have to decide how you are going to secure him. Birds trained to accept the usual requests will still obey these even outdoors. So, if you have trained your bird, it is very likely to simply 'Step up' when asked, and walk onto your hand. If you are up a tree, you should have a bag or box into which you can put the bird before you climb down. You can make a suitable bag from a small pillowcase. This should have a drawstring and a strap which goes over your shoulder to leave your hands free when coming down the ladder. Or you can lower the bag down to the ground on a line. If you find your bird, but are not able to catch him by nightfall, return to the same place before light the next morning and try again. In summer, this will mean getting there before 4am. Most parrots do not fly after dark, so he will almost certainly still be there.

With a ladder you will be able to climb up closer to
your bird to encourage him to come down.
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