On here' is a recall request, asking your grey to fly to you. This is much easier if your bird is already flying to you  spontaneously, but it can be taught after the above requests have been accepted. If your bird is already flying to you, you should start to associate this with a verbal cue. So, when your bird is about to fly to you, give your  command of 'On here' and praise and reward him when he lands. Failing this, you will need a powerful reward to ask your bird to fly to you, so make sure you have this first. Place the bird on a familiar perch and stand about 1m (3-4ft) from him with your arm held out. If you are using a food treat or small toy as a reward, hold this in your  hand so the bird can see it clearly. Your outstretched arm should be a little higher than the perch your bird is on, as birds prefer to fly up (rather than down) when coming to you. Say your bird's name and then say 'On here' a few times. As the bird comes, stay completely still until he has landed and allow him plenty of time to enjoy his reward. If the bird does not come after a few attempts, take a break to stop your bird becoming bored and try again later.  Once your grey is flying from a short distance, gradually increase this at later sessions.

The 'Off there' request

This is generally used as a safety request where you ask your bird to leave some place to which he should not have access. So, if a bird ever lands on an unsafe place such as an electrical appliance or perhaps a curtain rail, you can use this request to ask him to leave. 

In practice you cannot teach this request 'predictably'. However, when your bird does land somewhere that is unsafe or unsuitable, just approach him and say 'Off there' as you wave one or both hands at him in an unfamiliar gesture. A wafting motion is often quite effective. You can also wave some harmless object such as a handkerchief  in front of the bird. When he leaves, make sure he does not try to land on you, but lands on an appropriate perch,  such as his stand or cage, and praise him for his co-operation.

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