The 'Stay' request does not mean that a bird should stay exactly where it is, but is simply used to ask a bird to refrain from coming to you for the moment, perhaps when you need to leave the room without the bird following you. If the bird is approaching you and you do not wish him to step onto you or fly to you, just hold your hand with the palm facing the bird and say 'Stay'. If the bird stops, praise and reward him. If he still tries to come to you, use your hand in this same gesture to block his approach, whether he is walking to you or flying to you. A flying bird will soon learn to turn around and land elsewhere. When he does land, praise and reward him as usual. This 'Stay' request is very useful when other people are nervous of interacting with a bird. If other people (perhaps visitors) do not wish to interact with the bird, make sure that they know how to use this 'Stay' request to stop the bird from approaching them.

Teaching 'Go'

This request is used to ask a bird to leave you by flying from you. Initially, teach this request by standing with the  bird perched on your hand, about a metre (3-4ft) from its cage or any other place he is already used to perching on. Have a reward for the bird conspicuously in view at the place you will be asking him to fly to. Turn your hand at the wrist so the bird is facing away from you and towards the familiar perch and reward. At the same time, use your other hand, held lower down, to point to the place you want the bird to fly to, then say 'Go, go' and swing the hand with the bird on gently but decisively in the direction you'd like him to go. The bird should leave you and  land on the perch/cage top. As soon as he does, praise him as he takes his reward. When he is happy to fly from  this short distance, gradually increase the distance to the perch. Then, practise this request in other locations, until you can ask the bird to leave you wherever you happen to be. If after giving the 'Go' request, the bird flies off you but tries to land back on you, just use the 'Stay' request to prevent this.

Steps 1 and 2: Note how the hand with the bird on is turned away at the wrist.
Using your other hand held lower down, point in the direction that
you are asking your bird to fly towards

Step 3: Then say 'Go, go' as you swing your hand with the bird
on it gently towards the intended perch. Your parrot should
take off and fly towards the desired perching place
on the other side of the room.
Step 4: When he lands on the designated perch, give him plenty of verbal praise and make sure that he gets his well-deserved reward immediately.
This gesture asks a bird to refrain
from coming to you.


The same gesture can be used for a flying bird;
the bird will turn and land elsewhere.


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